Environmental Assessment

The Joint Review Panel for the Mackenzie Gas Project is a seven-member, independent body that will evaluate the potential impacts of the project on the environment and lives of the people in the project area.

The review will focus on the environmental and socio-economic effects associated with the Proponent’s proposal. The Joint Review Panel will take into consideration a number of factors, as outlined in the agreement among government agencies establishing the Joint Review Panel in assessing the impacts of the proposed project.

Sierra Club of Canada is a registered intervenor in the hearings of the Joint Review Panel and has played an active role in reviewing the environmental impact statement prepared by the proponents.

Sierra Club of Canada is working to ensure a state-of-the-art public review of the Mackenzie Gas Project (MGP) that rigorously examines environmental effects such as climate change, biodiversity, permafrost degradation, water and air quality, fragmentation of wilderness, and linkages to tar sands developments in northern Alberta. The huge scale of the project demands substantial funding for non-governmental organizations and local communities to enable them to participate effectively in the public review.

Sierra Club of Canada is working with other national and northern conservation organizations to ensure effective engagement in the Joint Review Panel and National Energy Board hearings by the conservation and environmental community. Sierra Club of Canada serves as a secretariat for an informal committee of non-governmental organizations, which includes Nature Canada, Canadian Arctic Resources Committee, West Coast Environmental Law Association, Arctic Indigenous Youth Alliance, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – NWT Chapter and Ecology North as members or observers.

The environmental assessment and regulatory review process for this project is described in the June 2002 Cooperation Plan for the Environmental Impact Assessment and Regulatory Review of a Northern Gas Pipeline Project through the Northwest Territories.

Details of the review process, including participant funding, timing and locations of hearings are available from the Northern Gas Project Secretariat at www.ngps.nt.ca or toll free 1-866-372-8600